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We believe there’s no better way to help protect your customers. We think you’ll agree.No other fence on the market makes this type of impression. Bullistic Barrier’s bullet-resistant fence is beautiful, durable and non-corrosive, and provides an unparalleled level of safety and security. In fact, an unprecedented combination of bullet-resistant testing and crash ratings makes it the world’s safest fence.

New opportunity for fence contractors and installers.

Bullistic Barriers opens up new potential markets for you to capture and capitalize on. Specifically designed for today’s violent and dangerous environments, this is a totally new concept in perimeter fence. For fence companies with a futuristic vision, it allows for growth and profits in previously unobtainable niches.

The bullet-resistant fence panels are shipped pre-assembled. No assembly is required onsite. Simply install the H columns, hoist the panels into place, fasten the top and place the fence caps.

The integrated crash resistance within the bullet-resistant fence makes this innovative fence even more appealing to certain fence market segments. While this adds another step to the install process, better profits can be realized, as it’s a product unlike any other in today’s market.

Bullistic Barrier’s patent pending for bullet-resistant fence design means protection against design infringement from competitive knock-offs and better market share potential.

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